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View your photos online a few days after picture day.  You will then personalize and pay! Photos are shipped directly to you! See link below. 

Event Code: FE24520

Retake Days:

Thursday October 8, 2020 ~ A - Day Students - Grades 9-12, and Distance Learners with the last name A - K

Friday, October 9, 2020 ~ B - Day Students - Grades 9-12, and Distance Learners with the last name L - Z 


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WHS 2021 Yearkbook Info

Posted July 22, 2020 - Message from Cafe110


Our District uses family accounts; all students in your family will charge purchases to the same balance. To access your family lunch account, please log into:, click on "My Accounts," sign in and then “SmartSchoolK12.” 

If you have difficulty logging into "My Accounts", please email Jane Garnatz at for help. If you have trouble getting into SmartSchoolK12, please call #800-934-2621.  You will not need a registration key once your account is set up by the district.

Once you are in your account, click on the knife/plate icon to access your family lunch account.  

Click on “Family Accounts” tab 

- Select "Add Funds" to add money using a credit card (Feezee)

- Select "Show Transactions" to see everything that your family members have eaten this school year.   

- Select the "Auto-Refill" to choose the amount of money that you’d like to automatically be deposited into your family account via credit card once your account reaches a designated amount.

- Add a Family User - allows you to add additional contacts and emails that you would like to also access the family account and receive low balance notifications.

- Select "Change notification settings" (currently, you will be notified once your family account goes negative).  You can adjust this to notify you sooner.  Please make sure you have the box checked to "send me balance notifications via email" under the Account Management button and select “Save”.  

Our lunch Point of Sale System works in real-time, meaning that when your student purchases anything in the serving lines (breakfast or lunch), the money is deducted immediately from your family account.  Always make sure you have enough money in your family account to cover all meals/purchases for that day.  If the account is negative, your student may be offered an amended meal (sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk).

If you have questions regarding the high school lunch program, please contact Sara at

Posted July 17, 2020

Please see the attachment regarding Senior Portrait Yearbook and Baby Advertisement information.

Deadline for both is Friday, October 30th.

2020-2021 Senior Yearbook Letter

Click the link below to pay fees and purchase Wildcat apparel