Educational Services Center Southview Elementary

Southview Elementary fourth-grade students spent nearly a week during their math class working with Jen Retka-Wallace, media and digital learning coordinator, to incorporate Sphero robots into their learning. 

Retka-Wallace meets monthly with educators from around the state to learn how to incorporate robots and coding into the curriculum. 

"This is high-interest learning for students. The fourth-graders are very code savvy. They learn geometry and can use the robots to draw angles and shapes. The curriculum allows students to figure it out as they go and adjust the code if needed," stated Retka-Wallace.

Students are given a short introduction to the lesson, work in small groups to solve the problem together, and then come back together to recap the lessons and share experiences.

Southview Principal Dr. Khuzana DeVaan shared, “This is an exciting way for our students to participate in relevant, interactive, and learner-driven curriculum that allows them to think through the problem and utilize critical thinking skills. Students get to be risk-takers, practice grit, and have fun.”