Educational Services Center Waconia High School

Waconia High School marketing students were given the challenge of helping the Waconia Area Senior Center gain visibility in the community. The idea was formed when Waconia Area Senior Center volunteer and parent Nikki Siddons asked the school district about developing a partnership. 

Just like a professional client meeting, board members met with students to share information that was important to them. 

They talked about themes, colors, and tagline words and phrases that were meaningful to their group. From there, students worked together to develop  several concepts. 

“The timing was ideal as we had just finished up our unit on logos and slogans, and this opportunity has allowed students to create artwork and marketing ideas that will help an actual organization,” Mary Mitchell, marketing teacher, said. “I told them that they could be driving around town in the future and see their work on display.” 

After presenting numerous ideas, senior center representatives narrowed the choices down to their favorites. The senior center group emphasized that their favorite designs included color, a boat theme, and the words, “Meet. Connect. Enjoy.” 

Marketing student Tim Stapleton shared, “The process of getting ideas into Adobe Illustrator was harder than I had expected, but it was fun to work on a project that could actually be used someday.” Classmates Maggie Ryan and Megan Whitehead shared, “We’ve never done anything like this, and it pushed us out of our comfort zone. They gave us a baseline and we grew it from there. It allowed us to create our own thing.”

The Waconia Area Senior Center began in September 2016 as a way for seniors to get out and meet others. Board secretary Karen Sackett expressed, “When I originally moved to Waconia, I didn’t know anyone in town, with the exception of family. I wanted to meet and connect with other people. This group allows me to make friends and be a part of an organization.”

There are currently about 32 senior center members who gather at Freshwater Church in Waconia to play games, cards, and bingo; have lunch; and socialize. 

As board president Barb Brooks stated, “We want to become more broadly known in the community and for this to be a place for seniors.” Perhaps the work of these Waconia High School marketing students will help them do just that.