A school improvement plan (SIP) defines a school’s targeted work for the year to raise academic achievement for all of its students. It is aimed at measurable goals, and it is monitored throughout the year. The SIP is built around research-based expectations in four key areas:

  1. Goals for student achievement
  2. High-quality instructional practices
  3. High-quality professional development
  4. Increasing family engagement

If you have questions regarding school improvement plans, please contact:

Khuzana DeVaan, Principal
Southview Elementary
(952) 442-0620

Ann Swanson, Principal
Bayview Elementary
(952) 442-0630

Eduardo Navidad, Principal
Laketown Elementary
(952) 442-0690

Shane Clausen, Principal
Waconia Middle School
(952) 442-0650

Mark Fredericksen, Principal
Waconia High School
(952) 442-0670

School Improvement Plan - Bayview, Laketown and Southview Elementaries
School Improvement Plan - Waconia Middle School
School Improvement Plan - Waconia High School