Use the following steps to register for Kids' Company:

1. Print and fill out the Kids' Company Registration Form.

2. Fill out the online  supplemental registration information. If you are registering for both School Year Kids' Company and Summer Kids' Company, you need to fill this out only once.

3. Turn completed registration form in to the Community Education office. 

Once your registration is accepted you will receive a Welcome email from Kids' Company.

Community Education office
(952) 442-0610

Jenny Merritt, Kids' Company Director
(952) 442-0618

Billing & Payment Options

Kids' Company offers two types of payment options:

1. Monthly Auto Pay Option
Fill out the automatic payment authorization form, including a credit card number and expiration date, and once a month we automatically charge it.

2. Weekly Payment
Each week on the last day your student is contracted, you pay for the week he or she just finished. This payment must be attached to a weekly payment slip with your student's full name and date filled out on it.

3.  Go to your Child's Account and pay on-line.