Cafe #110 Meal Program

Cafe #110 is now at a place where the meal survey is no longer relevant. Survey numbers are not matching actual meals picked up. In an effort to keep things flowing, there is no need to fill out a survey as the Cafe #110 team will be anticipating meal demand based on historical numbers. Increases in the amount of meals prepared will be based on the usual growth rate. Please understand that this is not a refined science and Cafe #110 may run out of meals on any given day. 

When picking up meals, please remember to: 

  • Hold up your fingers to indicate the number of meals
  • Clear off the passenger seat before getting meals
  • If there is a passenger in the front seat, let us set the meals in an empty back seat
  • Allow us to set meals on the seats, we appreciate that you want to help out but please leave room for staff to keep their distance



Free Meals for Kids 18 and Under

During this time when students are not able to access their school buildings, Cafe #110 is committed to providing the nutrition students need.

We are offering free meals to ALL children 18 and under

Meals available weekly Monday through Friday

Meal Pick Up Times and Locations: 

  • St. Bonifacius
    • 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
    • Missile Park
  • Waconia High School
    • 1650 Community Drive
    • 10:30 - Noon
  • Look for Cafe #110’s red van
  • The daily meal package will have breakfast and lunch
  • Children do not need to be enrolled in Waconia Public Schools to get a meal
  • Adult meals are also available to purchase for $6.00
    • Cash only please in the exact amount
Cafe 110