The 2019-2020 school year will be the forth year of the 1:1 technology initiative. This plan was set in motion for the 2016-17 and this school year we will be the third for 1:1 throughout grades 5-12. To ensure that all students have access to technology, this plan offers three options for families, including the option to purchase a device at a discount, the ability to use a device your family already owns, and the option to borrow a district-owned device at no cost. All 2019-2020 5th-grade students, as well as new enrollees to the district in grades 5-12, are eligible for the Dually-funded 1:1 program.

To read more about the initiative, view the letters mailed to parents, and to see the device options and costs, please click on the link below.

District 110 Technology Plan
View the District 110 Technology Plan, including device options.