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With the help of about 70 parents, community members, and district staff, the school district went through a Strategic Planning process by reflecting back on the historical trends and events that have shaped the district’s growth. The Strategic Planning process is identifying strengths and needs, as well as a clear set of priorities to guide district leaders in ensuring students, staff, and families have the kind of experience in our schools that they want, need, and deserve now and into the future. 

Over the next few months, outside facilitators will guide school-based teams of staff, parents, and district leaders through a series of workshops, exercises, and input sessions in a classroom-to-boardroom planning process. With input from these groups, leadership will identify the experiences our students, families, and staff want and expect in Waconia Public Schools, as well as develop an operational plan to get there.

A random-sample phone survey was recently completed, and asked residents what they value and support in their schools. The survey will also provide feedback for the work of the strategic planning teams as they develop goals and identify district needs and priorities.

Some of the questions this planning process will answer include:

  • Is the district organized efficiently and effectively to fulfill its mission?
  • Do schools and departments have the staff, capacity, and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals on behalf of our students?
  • Do schools have adequate funding to support the educational programs families expect and students deserve?

Our communities are growing. A rather large factor in that growth is due to the quality of the education at Waconia Public Schools. Being strategic about planning and growth will help us maintain the quality—and the momentum—that we provide to each student, every day.