The Day the World
Turned Upside Down

by Mike Tibbets 
3rd Grade Learning Coach
Bayview Elementary

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The Day the World Turned Upside Down

                                    SURVEY RESULTS: Safe Learning Plan - Parent Survey (Dec. 2020)


November 23 - 24 Distance learning preparation days for D110 Faculty and Staff - No school for students

November 25 Flex Day for D110 Faculty - No school for students

November 26 - 29 - No school

November 30 - End of Trimester 1 - Teacher Work Day/WMS Flex Day - No school for students

Tuesday, December 1 - Distance learning begins for D110 students

Tuesday, January 19 - Planned date for schools to reopen - based on MDE Regional COVID-19 Advisory Team guidance


distance learning plans

Early Childhood







Special Education


Community Education 

Cafe #110

  • Cafe #110 is providing free meal kits on a weekly basis for children 18 and younger
  • Families need to pre-order
  • Current instructions will be provided on the Order Form which can be found on our the Cafe 110 website, or by using this link Distance Learning Lunch Pickup Order Form
isd 110 to transition to distance learning in december

ISD ONE10 has become more and more concerned with the spike in Covid-19 numbers in our school, community, county and state.  In our conversations with the MDE Regional Covid-19 Advisory Team, it has become clear that we have a high risk concern at ONE10.  

Considering the increased speed at which Covid-19 is spreading in the community, the school district had a special board meeting on Friday, November 13 and will no longer need a school board meeting on Monday, November 16.  We felt it was important to get this information to our parents sooner so they can prepare for the transition.  After looking at all the data, the Waconia School Board voted 7-0 to transition the E-12 students to a distance learning model in December. We fully understand the deep impact that this has on families, students and staff. It has been very difficult to make this decision when we want our students in-person at schools. Please find key details of the plan below. There is a lot of information to take in and, if situations change, we will adjust these plans as needed. More information will be provided on our website soon.

All along we have said that we will do everything possible to keep students coming to school to learn. But, looking at the numbers, we have to do what is safest for everyone and agree with the Regional Team’s recommendations.

It is important for all to know that we will not have school for students on November 23 & 24, the week of Thanksgiving.  We will start transitioning while students are on campus next week (Nov. 16 - 20) by training our students how to engage in the new Distance Learning model. There are many levels to our plan and more information will follow.  Things are developing very quickly and we will respond and adjust as needed. 

Expect to receive more detailed information from your building administration next week.  It will take all of us to do everything we can to bring the Covid-19 numbers down if we wish to return in January.  Please do your part. 

Important Dates:

November 23 & 24 - No School for students, staff training for Distance Learning  (Nov. 25-30 scheduled Thanksgiving Break)

December 1 - E-12 Distance Learning

Activities and Community Ed Plan: Fall activities will finish the season and Winter activities are suspended for the month of December.  Detailed information to follow.

Kids' Company will provide childcare for Tier 1 workers during DL model

WLC students and students in Center Based Programs will follow a different model and will be informed by their coordinator

Data for Influencing Decision:

  • Carver County case 
  • State rates
  • The only school in the area covered by the MDE Regional Support Team that had not decided to go to Distance Learning
  • Total ISD 110 positive Covid-19 cases to date - 55 students/employees (23 this week - Nov. 13, 2020)
  • Total staff/students COVID-19 Advisory Team processed (quarantine, symptoms, close contacts, + case, etc.)
    • TOTAL processed Sept-November 13 Students = 1454 (429 this week)
    • TOTAL processed Sept-November 13 Staff Processed = 215 (70 this week)
    • 37 of those employees were required to quarantine due to an exposure at their workplace with 32 of those occurring between 11/9-11/12
  • Substitute Coverage for Absent Employees
    • 10/19 - 10/23, 129 absences 75% filled, remaining covered internally.
    • 10/26 - 10/30: 114 absences 66% filled, remaining covered internally.
    • 11/2 - 11/6153 absences 59% filled, remaining covered internally.  
    • 11/9 - 11/13197 absences 52% filled, remaining covered internally.  
Superintendent Devine Thanks Voters


ISD ONE10 voters approved Levy 2020 with 6,401 (50.35%) voting in favor of the operating levy and 6,311 (49.65%) opposing the operating levy. ONE10 asked the voters to decide the future of our schools and the decision has been made to keep us ONE10 strong! 

Levy 2020 provides an additional $410 per student, allowing Waconia Public Schools to:

  • Provide additional social-emotional and mental health support

  • Increase advanced class offerings

  • Offer even more authentic learning experiences

  • Continue offering high-quality programming

  • Maintain current class sizes

  • Continue offering electives

  • Add programming based on student interests and passion 

  • Pay off debt that put the district into Statutory Operating Debt

  • Close the state funding gap

  • Establish a solid fund balance and operating budget moving forward

Waconia Public Schools fully understands that the pandemic is increasing stress for many people on multiple levels. The fact that the ONE10 community came together to support students in these times shows how much you all value having access to a great education. 

Our students thank you and all of us at ONE10 are very grateful for your wonderful support.

Pat Devine

Superintendent, Waconia Public Schools

We ARE ONE10!!!!

Click Here to see election results

ISD 110 school board election results

The top three candidates have been elected to the Waconia School Board. 

Alycia Myers 4,331 (19.12%)

Luke DeBoer 4,217 (18.23%)

Dana Geller 4, 046 (17.86%)

Mark A. Murphy 3,662 (16.17%)

Amanda Hayford 3,178 (14.03%)

Seth Waterhouse 3,169 (13.99%)

Write-In 136 (0.60%)

Click Here to see election results

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Explore your passions. Create your success.
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The Day the World Turned Upside Down